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Personal Outfitting and Interview Service

For many women, the first step to getting work is simply having a suitable outfit to wear to interviews.

When women first visit Fitted for Work for their personal outfitting and interview training experience, many are a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. They’re made to feel instantly welcomed and accepted by our skilled and caring volunteers. In just one hour they’ll transform a woman from head to toe with a new suit, shirt, accessories, handbag and shoes to match. They’ll also provide advice on grooming and health and how to prepare for the job interview so women who use the service leave Fitted for Work equipped to put their best foot forward to get the job.

All our services are FREE to the client. This is made possible through the generous donation of high-quality second-hand clothing and the support of our wonderful volunteers.

Clients must be referred to us by a referring partner and can be booked into one of our three services in Melbourne CBD and Parramatta, Sydney.

In addition to the core dressing service, we offer Transition to Work Programs and many other mentoring and support programs and a host of other workshops such as life skills training in Melbourne and Parramatta.



I remember the day I came into the boutique. Elspeth, the volunteer, was warm and caring and showed genuine interest in me. She spent ages finding me just the right clothes and accessories. She said to me ‘Jenny, you’re great! You just need a bit of confidence and you’ll fly!’ I had a bit of a cry with her but took her words to heart.---Jen, Client


I recall clearly the day Jen came into the boutique. I’ve been volunteering at Fitted for Work for over five years now. It’s clients like Jen that keep me coming back. In just one hour we literally transform a woman’s life by giving them the clothes and the confidence they need to get into the workforce.---Elspeth, Volunteer

... More than 20,000 women assisted since 2005... 260+ volunteers working more than 12,000 hours annually... 500+ community referral partners…220+ businesses have joined with us to support women into work.. 97% of our funding comes from the community each year...We don't receive any recurrent government funding so please give generously...Sign up for our eNewsletter and keep up with all our news!


Since 2005, Fitted for Work has transformed the lives of more than 20,000 women.  As a not-for-profit organisation and the first of our kind in Australia, our mission is to help women experiencing disadvantage get work and keep it. We do this by providing free business clothing at our personal outfitting service and through our range of interview training, mentoring, career resilience and transition to work programs.

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